WhatsApp Business and How to Link with Google My Business

How to do WhatsApp Business Marketing and link with Google My Business

WhatsApp Business and How to Link with Google My Business

What you'll learn:
Introduction of Whatsapp Business
How Business Owners can utilize Whatsapp Business
Whatsapp Business Marketing
8 Features of Whatsapp Business for Marketing
Differences between Whatsapp Business and Normal Whatsapp
How to include Whatsapp Business link in Google My Business
TOP 5 Mistakes while Using Whatsapp Business

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WhatsApp Business is a messaging app specifically for business owners. In 2018, WhatsApp released the application and got the enthusiasm of the WhatsApp users.

The existence of WhatsApp Business can be an alternative to business-specific chat applications that are very useful for business owners, especially online business people. This application helps many potential buyers to communicate with sellers. They can ask questions before actually buying an item.
We will be covering all these topics in the course

WhatsApp Business Basics:

How Business Owners can better use WhatsApp Business for Marketing
8 features of WhatsApp Business Have you have to Know
How to include WhatsApp Business link & integrate with Google My Business
Top 5 Mistakes Using WhatsApp Business When Marketing
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Who this course is for:
Business Owners
Small and Medium Business Owners
Sales Executive

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