Web Development: Learn HTML, CSS & JS By Building A Website

Web Development

Learn HTML, CSS & JS with this comprehensive beginner course. Become a pro web developer and start building websites!

What you'll learn

Web Development - HTML, CSS & JS
Learn to build Websites
Build a working website using HTML, CSS & JS in the course
Learn to deploy your website on the internet to make it accessible to everyone
Developing a website and hosting it on a server


Just a Laptop/PC with a code text editor (ex. Notepad++ or Sublime)


Master HTML, CSS & Javascript to build professional looking web pages and host them online! With around 2 hours of video content, articles & coding exercises; this comprehensive course will ensure that you are able to hone your web development skills. Here's a perfect start to your journey of becoming a successful web developer.
Focussing more on practical implementation rather than boring theory and technicalities, this course will equip you to build web pages on your own. By the time you end the course, you will be fully confident to build your own websites. Yes, all that in just 2 hours of super easy to understand video content.
Throughout the course, we will learn the basics of web development by building our own Web Development Tutorial website. Talk about a better way of implementing what you learn! ­čÖé With codebases shared in the resources section as we progress, you will always have help at your hand to learn all the practical implementations. And if you are still caught up anywhere, feel free to reach out via messages or QnA section, and I will personally answer all your queries.
So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to become a pro web developer and change your career or build your own web company/startup.

Who this course is for:

Beginner web developers interested to understand how to make web pages

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