Using Shopify and Facebook to Quick-Start an eCommerce Store

eCommerce business success by selling products with scaleable, minimal-risk advertising on social media networks.

Using Shopify and Facebook to Quick-Start an eCommerce Store
Using Shopify and Facebook to Quick-Start an eCommerce Store

What you'll learn:
Set up an eCommerce store from scratch using Shopify
Find products with high perceived value that will attract customers
Create and run Facebook ads that will drive more traffic to your site

Email address for Shopify
Facebook account for Business Ads

Why Use Shopify?
If you're interested in selling online, first of all, congratulations! It's a rewarding endeavor. In order to be successful, you need to do it right. I have used many different platforms for selling online and I have found that Shopify provides the most turn-key product to begin with. Sellers can have a store up and running in a matter of minutes (as I show in this course).

Not only is it quick to start, but Shopify provides countless tools to enhance your experience. All of them are easily installable.

What's inside the course?
I will show you how to:

Set up a Shopify store
Select an attractive niche to start with
Find products that feed the desire of customers in those niches.
I will then guide you through the process of getting those products on a live store that you own, ready for the public to consume.

"How will I get traffic to my store?"
Funny you should ask. Facebook provides the most targeted and affordable advertising platform on the web. With their database, we are sure to find an audience that is eager to buy your products.

I will show you how to:

Create advertising banners
Building targeted audiences
Create sales copy and launch your ad to hundreds of thousands of potential customers.
3 Simple Steps To Building Your Profitable eCommerce Business
Discover The Exact Formula I Used To Make My First Sale Using Viral Ads & Facebook
Use My Simple 3 Step Formula That I’ve Used To Generate Over $100K In Under 6 Months
I’ll Show You “Behind The Scenes” How I Built A Million Dollar eCommerce Business With Facebook & How You Can Too

Who this course is for:
Beginners who are interested in creating their own cash flow business
Store owners interested in optimizing their websites and ads to drive more traffic
Anyone making under $200/day in eCommerce

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