Try AngularJS: Beginner’s Guide to Front End Web Development

Built and managed by Google, AngularJS is one of the most powerful front-end frameworks in the world.

Try AngularJS: Beginner’s Guide to Front End Web Development


If the internet was created today, AngularJS's core functionalities would have been built-in on day one. That's the mindset the developers had when they were creating AngularJS… how would we create a framework that would fix all of the core issues with the beginning of the internet?
Here's a simple concept:
If you're familiar with HTML then you know this to be a heading tag which has default formatting on all web browsers. In short, it makes text stand out.
What if you wanted a tag like: ? Like just that tag? With it's own default formatting and function? With AngularJS this is downright simple. It's called a directive and something you'll learn in this series.
How about easy filtering of content in a list? Or ordering? These things can be done using other technology but AngularJS makes is super simple.
This course is here to teach you the fundamentals of AngularJS to build a blog application complete with filtering, directives, searching, typeahead, ordering, ngResource, and much more.

What you'll learn:

Build a basic AngularJS Web Application
Know the fundamentals of AngularJS
Learn about the powerful AngularJS concept known as "directives"
Understand concepts like Data-binding
Running a local web server to handle URL Routing in AngularJS

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in learning AngularJS
Web Developers looking to build more responsive Web Applications
jQuery users looking for a more robust, out-of-the-box, solution


We go step-by-step so some HTML skills are helpful but not 100% needed for successful completion
Basic Javascript is helpful
Basic HTML is helpful
Basic CSS is helpful

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