Starting Python 3 Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Get an introduction to the basics of Python and learn by doing hands-on challenges and coding solutions.

Starting Python 3 Programming for the Absolute Beginner


Python is the fastest programming language out there!
It is popular among developers, hobbyists, data scientists and is the language of choice of the big tech companies.
For beginners that want to learn Python in a structured way, it can be confusing to find a great resource that teaches you Python step-by-step from the ground up covering fundamentals to give you a strong foundation to grow from.
Searching for good material online often takes hours and hours and this course is meant to make it easy for you, save time and get you proficient in Python as quickly as possible in a hands-on way.
This free course is meant to introduce you to Python and provide a taste of the fully-featured course Learning Python 3 Programming for the Absolute Beginner.

Topics covered include:

Installing Python
Getting your IDE (Integrated Development Environment) up an running
Running your first Python program
Working with Variables
Using Comments
Working with Common Data Types
Working with Operators
Enjoy the free material and see if my teaching style is good for you!
Happy Coding and see you in the course!

What you'll learn:

Get an introduction to Python
Learn the Basics of the language
Understand how to setup the IDE and start coding
Learn how to write basic Python programs

Who this course is for:

Beginners to programming
Beginners to Python
Software Developers
Someone looking to learn Python


No previous programming knowledge or experience

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