Record & Edit Your Podcast In Less Than An Hour

Learn & Master The Specific Skills To Recording (using FREE Audacity), Publishing & Promoting Your Very Own Podcast!

Record & Edit Your Podcast In Less Than An Hour

What you'll learn:
How to choose the right affordable microphones, for professional quality sound
Edit audio tracks in Audacity (free) or similar DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
Add an intro music track to podcast
Fade music in and out of podcast for professional impact
Record an interview with anyone in the world
Export podcast to mp3
Add ID3 Tags for better user experience and indexing
The secrets to marketing your podcast successfully!
Record a sensational podcast!

Basic computer skills
Own a USB mic such as the ATR2100
A desire to learn!

Dear friend and aspiring podcaster,

You've most likely landed here because you are serious about starting a podcast on a subject that's important to you. Our world of education is certainly changing, as college loans are no longer justified by the education system and ever-changing job market. Instead, we have already entered an era of on-demand and specialized learning, where we can select a skill set that matters to our personal and professional goals. I created this program to help people learn exactly what is needed to record, edit, publish and ultimately, market a podcast without getting discouraged by the convoluted world of excessive and oftentimes contradictory information.
What you'll get is A COMPLETE Podcasting Course plus checkpoint workshops after each major segment to ensure you're applying the lessons in each section successfully and you're on target before moving onto the next part. Consider me your accountability instructor! Remember, this is NOT a passive series of videos… this is a course!
Simply put, I really want your feedback and input so I can continue to co-create this with you and ensure it remains the best podcasting course available!
THANK YOU for being my co-authors on this journey!!!!

Course Features:

  • Self-paced On-Demand lessons.
  • Lifetime Access To All New tutorials.
  • Mobile-ready content.
  • Step-by-step videos on Recording, Editing & Publishing your podcast.
  • Vocal mentoring videos to make you sound more dynamic.
  • Ongoing Mentoring Videos to Elevate Your Knowledge on Equipment and New Techniques. (COMING APRIL 2017)

My Personal Guarantee: First and foremost, please don't make the investment if you don't plan to do the work. If you're seriously interested, I want you to have FUN and be completely successful recording and publishing your podcast! If you have not succeeded, I too have not succeeded! To back my words, this course is 100% refundable for LIFE! You don't like it or don't feel you've gained adequate mentoring, receive a 100% refund. It's that simple. I want you to feel totally safe in making the decision to start the course today!
Your podcast partner,

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to start a podcast
Anyone who's interested in audio production
Those looking to learn new methods to podcasting and marketing
People interested in learning to use Audacity for audio recording
Anyone who wants to share a powerful message with the world!
A small business looking to add podcasting to their marketing arsenal

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