Project Management: Cost & Schedule Monitoring using EVM

Project Management

Earned Value Management, Project Management, Cost Control & Monitor, Budget, Schedule & Cost Variance, Performance Index

What you'll learn

Earned Value Management
Project Management
Cost Control
Cost Management
Cost Monitoring
Quantity Surveying
Budget Control & Monitoring
Cost Variance & Schedule Variance
Cost Performance Index & Schedule Performance Index
Estimate At Completion
Estimate To Complete
Budget At Completion
Planned Value
Earned Value
To Complete Performance Index


Be open to learning
Basic Excel Knowledge
Quantitative Aptitiude


The course will help you understand the basic concepts of Earned Value Management which is one of the most important technique for effective Project Management.
By the end of this course you will learn the key terms of Earned Value Management, their definitions and the various formulas used to analyze whether the project is getting executed on track with respect to cost and schedule.
The course lets you understand the concept of Budget, Planned Value, Earned Value. It also teaches how to calculate Cost and Schedule Variance, Cost and Schedule Performance Index, Estimate At Completion, Estimate To Complete and To Complete Performance Index.
The course also includes examples showing the various scenarios of a project during execution phase and how Earned Value Management aids in recognizing the project status at any point of time with respect to budget and project completion schedule.

Who this course is for:

Engineering Students
Fresh Engineers
Construction Professionals
Civil Engineers
Quantity Surveyors
Project Managers
Planning Professionals
Civil Engineering Students
Business Students


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