Master Your Camera for Beginners

Learn the basics of photography and get to know your camera with this short course

Master Your Camera for Beginners
Master Your Camera for Beginners

What you'll learn:

Get to grips with the basics of your camera
Learn what all the dials, wheels and buttons on your camera do
De-mystify exposure and learn what the Exposure Triangle is and how to use it to get specific effects
Get off Automatic mode and start shooting in Semi-automatic or Manual Modes


No previous photography experience needed


Ever wondered what all those functions on your camera do? Have you ever been confused by exposure, apertures, shutter speeds and ISO? Would you like to learn how to take beautiful photographs?
In this short course, I will take you through all the basics and cover topics such as:
The pro's and cons of different camera systems
Focal lengths - what they are and how they work
Exposure - what the terms ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed means and how you can use them to create beautiful images
Different shooting modes and when to use them
Your camera's extra functions - such as white balance and exposure compensation
Throughout this course, I'll speak in plain, jargon-free and easy to understand, English and I'll break down complicated ideas into easy to understand chunks.
This is the perfect course for the complete beginner or anyone needing to get to grips with their camera.

Who this course is for:

Beginner Photographers

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