LIFE CRAFTING: The System to Make a Masterpiece of Your Life

Learn the time-tested system for crafting your life purpose and personal transformation by design, not by accident.

What you'll learn:

  1. You will learn the 5 SIMPLE categories that organize everything you have already learned and will learn for the rest of your life.
  2. You will understand practicing Life-as-a-Craft is a POWERFUL alternative to living life by trial and error.
  3. You will learn to achieve SUCCESS BY DESIGN instead of wishing for success by accident.
  4. You will know EXACTLY how to make a MASTERPIECE of your life, as the end goal of your personal development and personal transformation journey.
  5. You will learn how to systematically practice LIFE CRAFTING the same way we learn and practice any trade, occupation, or profession.
  6. You will become the LIFE COACH and MASTER CRAFTSPERSON of your unique LIFE MASTERPIECE.


Be ready to learn the time-tested framework for organizing your life curriculum vs. living randomly and disorganized.
Be ready to see everything you have learned in life so far fit together as part of the masterpiece you are already making.

What Is Life Crafting?

Life Crafting means skillfully shaping 5 key areas of your life incrementally over your lifetime, in line with a vision of what your life can be by knowing what you are going to do, then learning and practicing your skills using a clear recipe vs. living by random trial, and error. This is Making a Masterpiece of Your Life. This is Life-as-a-Craft.

Who this course is for:

Age 14-25: Individuals who want a clear reason why they should learn particular skills and how to choose the right subjects to study and focus on and not waste their time with useless information made for another generation.
Age 25-45: People in the building phase of life who want to manage 'content overload' and 'burn-out' that comes from building a career and family all at the same time.
Age 45-65: Men & Women ready to create 'masterworks' because of the depth of knowledge they have achieved thus far in life. This includes reviewing and revising one's master plan and beginning one's master's journal.
Age 65+: Mentors in the legacy phase of life ready to begin work on the masterpiece collection of stories, knowledge, family heirlooms and more, as a heritage foundation for the next generation to build on.

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