Learn Russian Language – Russian For Beginners

From this course you will learn Russian letters and sounds special cases pronunciation and other phonetics specifics.

Learn Russian Language – Russian For Beginners


This is a Russian phonetics course. You will learn Russian letters and sounds and Russian sounds special cases pronunciation in words.
This course will be useful for Russian language beginners and interesting for those who want to learn more about Russian phonetics specifics.
Here you'll found not only examples and exercises with Russian sounds articulation and Russian words pronunciation, but also basic phrases in dialogues.
The course consists of 10 lectures and 4 quizzes. The course includes 1 hour of video lectures, several downloadable files with reference materials like phonetics rules and vocabulary with quite 300 words and phrases in Russian. We suggest you to observe lectures twice or more as there's tons information shown in each video. Therefore it'd take quite two hours to finish , tasks and quizzes could take a extended time.
The Grammar part (Lecture 7) contains tons of useful information that you simply can use even outside of the course frequently.
If you would like to find out a language, start with sounds and proper pronunciation!

What You'll learn:

By the end of the course you will be able to read and recognize Russian words and simple phrases.
You will start to know spoken Russian words.
You will be ready to say familiar words and straightforward phrases in Russian.


No previous knowledge required

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to start learning Russian or improve his pronunciation

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