Learn basic Italian in 2 hours | [LQ]

Speak Italian now easily and fast

What you'll learn:

At the end of the course you will be able to
make a basic conversation in different situations
manage many real situations immediately and efficacely in basic Italian language
the main sentences you need at the Italian hotel
The main sentences you need at the bar, restaurant and supermarket


A basic Italian and the use of pc
Enthusiasm in learning easily Italian language


Have you ever found yourself wanting to learn Italian, but never actually doing so?
Start now! It is easy and fast!
You’ve heard it’s a difficult language? Don’t believe everything that they tell you.
Italian is an easy and funny language.

What about learning basic Italian in only two hours?
This is a practical, fast and easy course. With it, you will immediately be able to have a basic conversation in the Italian language. Let’s speak now in the main situations!

· You’ll start by discovering the main sentences that can use on various occasions;
· then, you’ll learn the basic grammar too.
· This way, you’ll be able to express yourself in Italian and meet new Italian friends.
· You will have a session to listen to a slow pronunciation by a native and a space where to reproduce it.

In this course, you will learn and repeat all the sentences with Marta; useful sheets will help you to better remember words and will explain several curiosities. Furthermore, you’ll have access to the free YouTube channel where you can expand your knowledge or one to one to one classes, to improve your Italian more and more.
Are you ready? We are waiting for you! Now it is your time.

Who this course is for:

If you need to have a basic conversation in different daily situations
If you need the main sentences for your journey in Italy
if you want to learn Italian easily and fast
If you want have a fun in learning Italian language

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