Introduction to web development

Build the website: How to start if you never did it before (Wix, WordPress; HTML, images and more)

Introduction to web development


The course gives an overview of the standard website structure, provides with the useful resources. We will build a simple HTML page in the Notepad, without the use of specialized applications. The student will see three examples of Content Management Systems such as Wix, WordPress, and custom CMS; and will go through the process of creating the blog post with images. At the end of the course, it will be easy to start working on the website of community or the personal website or blog.


You should have an internet connection
be able to save files on local disk
have one of the recent browsers, preferably Google Chrome.

What you'll learn:

make changes to existing community portal by adding, editing and removing pages
set new theme for the whole website, and customize styles of elements
add, edit, delete pictures

Who this course is for:

Anyone, who has no or little knowledge about the way to support existing website or set up a new one.

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