Beginners Guitar Course

Join us on MoZo Island, a fun music place for young children to learn and develop

Beginners Guitar Course
Beginners Guitar Course

What you'll learn:
Basic notes and Chords for Guitar
Favourite children's tunes and fun new songs
How to play guitar and sing-along

No previous experience needed

You may be a professional or busy parent, or a dedicated carer for your children. Either way you want to know that your child is receiving the best training and support to enable them to reach their potential, both mentally and physically.
This established course follows a story on a musical island where inspiration brings music and family together. Developed over 10 years with experienced teaching and music professionals, the proven course is live across many schools in London, and loved by children and their families.
Join in for FREE by inviting your best friends to meet some funny new friends like Jack Apple, Alisha Banana, Meilin Cherry, Senhor Orange and many more… Jam together in the Beach Club, and hang-out at the Skate Park.

See you there!

Who this course is for:
Parent's of children age 5 - 10
Parents who want their children to develop and learn

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