Art Drawing,Drawing with Photoshop

Drawing faces with software

Art Drawing,Drawing with Photoshop

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Drawing with Photoshop


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Do you think about drawing faces with software? Did you know that coloring faces is much easier and more beautiful with Photoshop? With this technique, you no longer have to worry about color tonality and color quality. If you make a mistake when shading your face, you can easily correct it. For example, if you make your eyes or hair a little darker, you can easily redraw it. Just watch these videos carefully and practice a few times.

Your hands will not get dirty and do not worry about running out of paint. Yes, drawing tools are expensive, but with Photoshop you will have digital drawing tools. A variety of pencils, erasers, brushes, as well as a wide variety of colors, transparency and face correction tools. Just draw a general drawing of the face with a pencil, then open the photo in Photoshop. I will teach you the steps of face painting step by step. You will learn an interesting technique to highlight facial volumes such as nose and chin. If you use carbon, you can transfer the original sketch to paper and then open it in Photoshop.

Who this course is for:

Beginners to Advanced
Drawing of Portraits

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